Friday, March 18, 2011

Lioness Moves in for the Kill at the Cat!

With the scope there is hope and Nancy Tompkins, former National Highpower Champion, 2009 Roberts Team member, used her's to post the only perfect score to win Day two of the Wildcat today. 1600-136X to be exact! Joe Farmer, 82 years young, grabbed second overall with a 1599-140X and Peter Church, who had his first ever 200-20X at 100 yards, took the third spot with a 1599-139X.

In the Master class Richard Layton continued his winning ways from yesterday with a 1599-123 edging out Texan Ron Zerr's 1599-118X. The Experts witnessed fellow blogger Jim Evenson soar to the top of the class with a stellar 1599-113X eclipsing Coloradian Stuart Lind's 1598-130. Jim's performance today was all the more sweeter as his score was a personal best as well.

Sharpshooter Mick Walker did not have a walk in the park today as Ron Piotrowski and he battled all day with Mick's 1588-106X just beating out Ron's 1586-87X. Junior, Luke Harper went two for two in class wins by beating out fellow Marksman Rob Nabower. Luke's 1576-76X was just to much for Rob's 1568-78X. I would like to point out that this is Rob's first big smallbore match and I have a feeling he will soon be a force to be reckoned with!

Overall for the two day 3200 Tarl Kempley leads the Cat with a fine 3198-253X with sister Reya down a point and second overall with a 3197-262X. Day one leader Lones Wigger slipped to third overall by a handful of X's. In the Master class Richard Layton leads with a 3195-225X over veteran shooter Ron Zerr's 3193-213X. The Expert leaders are Lind and Cobb with 3190-241X and 3184-227X respectively.

The Sharpshooter class see's Walker walking away from the field with his 3164-194X giving him a comfortable 14 point cushion over Piotrowski's 3150-150X. A similiar story is shaping up in the Marksman class as Harper's 3140-130X leads class runner up Gage Clark by sixteen points.

Tomorrow the irons go back on and a whole new story will be indelibly etched into the rich history and tradition of this fine match.

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Coach Bob McMullin and Mr. Sam Thoman, a long time competitive shooter, are leading a sizeable junior rifle team to the Western Wildcats Smallbore Rifle 6400 Championships in Arizona this week. All of the developing young shooters are excited about the opportunity to compete side by side with some of the best shooters in the world in this event. Matt Chezem, captain of team, has spent a lot of hours guiding his team, shooting with them. It is going to be a great experience for Anna, Ellie , Matt Liao, Emma, Nick, Andrew and Matt Chezem. LAR&R Club wishes the best for you all! The future of our sport! The kids also wish to thank their support team: their parents, Coach Kimes, Glass, and Green. Also, special thanks go to Mr. Ed Knutson for his sustained efforts supporting the junior shooters.