Monday, March 28, 2011

Olympian Victor "Vic" Lee Auer

The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munchen West Germany is probably best remembered for Mark Spitz's 7 medals in swimming. No athlete had ever accomplished such a feat before. I remember watching it on tv and just like everybody else it just made you proud to be an American. What I didn't know then was that a UCLA graduate, Vic Auer, having just turned 35 won the Silver medal in what was referred to as the Mixed Small-Bore Rifle Prone 50 Meters (English Match). Vic returned to the Olympics in 1976,  Montreal, Canada and finished tied for 31st. His other notable international showings in the early 70's was a total of 3 Gold medals (two individual) in the 1971 and 1975 Pan Am games

Vic was a product of the Los Angeles Rifle and Revolver club. He was a founding member of the Stinkniks Rifle Club and a perenial front runner at the Nationals. For a living, Mr. Auer was a scriptwriter for a number of television shows. I first met him when he was asked to present awards at the All-American Prone 6400 at LAR&R in 2006. His love of shooting was evident even though he had not competed for some time.

I received word today that Vic is now at home under hospice care. Cancer has invaded the 74 year old Olympian's body. Vic enjoys hearing from shooters, especially those who he shared the line with. If you knew Vic Auer and would like to give him a call to reminisce or even if you didn't know him but would like to talk shooting with an American shooting legend let me know. I can email anyone interested his address and phone number. For a look back at Vic's medal winning performance click here
For a few pictures of Vic and others click here

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