Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photo Finish at the Wildcat

Final Results Bulletin
In the previous 52 years of the annual Western Wildcats 6400 match there have been innumerable stories. Who could forget the match in 1975 when Tom Whitaker did the impossible by firing a perfect 6400-575X's or the first year of the Cat when it was held at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club and saw three relays shoot into the night to finish each day. This year the Wildcat will be remembered as the ultimate sibling rivalry. Reya and Tarl Kempley lay side by side for four days and in the end they were tied at 6393, with Reya being declared winner by a scant ten X's, 524X to Tarl's 514! Steve Goff was right in the thick of it to finish third overall with a 6392-509X. Champion highpower shooter and friend to all Nancy Tompkins finished in the top five overall but also was the only competitor to lay claim to a coveted 3200 sweatshirt. Her 3200-274X won the anysight Agg over four other competitors who posted 3199's.

In the Master Class Day three winner Michael Seery not only took the class win with a 6388-510X he also won the metallic sight agg with a 3195-249X! Hotshot Arizona junior Richard Layton took second Master with a very convincing 6385-462X. Third in class was Lige Harris who agged a 6377-441X.

Three points also separated the top two Experts, Stuart Lind and James Cobb
with a 6379-473X and 6376-456X respectively. Day two and day four Expert winner Jim Evenson took the third spot with a 6368-407X. This score, his best Wildcat agg to date, was highlighted by a magnificent 3197-239X in the anysight agg!! Don't miss Jim's writeup on this event on his wonder ful Minnesota Rifle Shooting blog.

Sharpshooter Mick Walker was just unstoppable, his 6341-393X agg defeated class runnerup Ron Piotrowski by a whopping 34 points! Conrad Leroux rounded out the top three with a 6266-265X. Last but not least, Luke Harper, who posted his first ever 400 in the Dewar match this morning won the Marksman class convincingly with a 6306-320X. Rob Nabower was second shooting a 6260-260X and third was Gage Clark in at 6216-226X.

Well that's it for this years Wildcat. Next on the agenda is the Arizona State Conventional Prone Championship Mar. 26-27-2011. See that match program here;



Heidi said...

Thanks again, Rick, for taking time from own shooting to keep us distant folks updated with a daily blog and great pictures! It was really appreciated!

Heidi Seery

Morgen said...

Thanks for the updates Rick, sure do appreciate it!

Mr Eagle said...

Thanks ALOT Rick The Words are Great, You Should Be applying for a Job as a Sports Writer. We All Apprciate the Time and Energy spent in keeping the Family members,Rifle sports enthusiast's and Fans Updated
Mick :)

john said...


We cannot appreciate you enough for all you have done for the sport.......You and others like you are the reason our Juniors continue to improve and love this sport.......

Keep it are the best.

John Harper aka Lukes Dad.

Hawkeye said...

You have really got a good blog going here. This is great promotion for the shooting sports. The look of the blog and the style of the commentary are very good.
Jim E