Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Az State Mid Range Championship Day 1

Just a brief report today, it was plenty hot yesterday and after arriving home and eating it turns out that all this aging body wanted was a good nights sleep! Temps were nearing 100 degrees by days end and the wind was in evidence all day as well.

The Team of Shirley McGee, Steve McGee, Peter Church and Middleton Tompkins won the metallic sight 600 yard team match. Following the team match the nearly 70 competitors started the individual matches. Frank Fisher bested all comers in match 1, 600 yards, with a very strong 149-10X's. The 500 yard match saw the wind continue it's wicked ways but at least a few cleans were fired and Jim Cobb's 150-8X's topped the field. Moving forward to the 300 yardline for the last match of the day saw the leaders, myself and Phil Hayes, down two with Peter Church down three take their positions to see who would win the day.  Hayes stumbled a bit posting a 148-7X's which slipped him into third with a 446-21X's. Church fired a 150-9X to take second overall with a 447-19X. My match winning 150-11X has me down two for the day, 448-20X, to secure the metallic sight championship.

The F class division was not without some drama as well as a mixed field of F-TR and F Open duked it out all day. Two local hotshots, Bill Berta and Steve Lockwood locked horns all day with Bill coming out on top by a mere three X's! His 440-20 edged Steve's 440-17 to lead the field of thirteen shooters in that divison. Charles Gooding stands alone in third just four back by finshing with a 436-11X's.

 I will try my best to put up the final results tonight, along with some pictures of the weekend.

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lige said...

Good shooting Rick. Good luck on the last day. -lige