Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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You would have to look far and wide across the internet to find a better shooting website than the one Dan Holmes and Eric Hoskins have produced. As a neophyte blogger I can really appreciate and admire the amount of work that's put forth to put out a professional and informative site. From the Shooter Spotlight segments, to the local match coverage these guys really cover some ground in a very polished, yet fun way. Additionally one of the greatest storytellers of our time and 2009 Roberts Team Adjutant, Mr. Harold "Hap" Rocketto's wonderful Hap's Corner is also featured prominently there.

One of my favorite shooting videos was produced by Dan and contains a series of stills and video from the 2009 Hopkinton Prone season. Please take a few minutes to view this video here
More recently Dan has put together a new video which I feel completely captures the magic of arriving at Camp Perry. I know it took me back to my first Perry experience as a young Marine Team shooter in 1979. Check it out here

All in all a visit to pronematch is bound to please anybody with an interest in competitive shooting, so check it out today. I bet it finds it's way to your Favorites!


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