Thursday, June 2, 2011

New 6BRX Die from Redding

Several weeks ago I came across this POST on Having heard about a few BRX sizing dies not working all that well over the last couple of years I contacted Robert Whitley at AR-X Enterprises. I sent him a copy of my Reamer Print and asked if the new dies would work with the dimensions shown. He stated that indeed the die would work and had actually been commissioned utilizing those dimensions. Robert had gotten with Redding to have a special run of these full length bushing dies manufactured and he was awaiting delivery of a shipment of them that was scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks. Robert stated that he would ship one to me as soon as they arrived. Turns out I didn't have long to wait as one week ago today a box showed up on my doorstep and the newest addition to my sizing die collection had arrived, as can be seen HERE

As I removed the new die from the package I noted how clearly the letters BRX appeared on the die body, which will pretty much eliminate confusing it with a standard BR die. As I disassembled the die to clean it I noted, as is typical with all my Redding dies, the overall quality of this particular example. All knurling and thread cuts were very clean. Ok,good looking quality work and all but the big question remained, how would it work. Re-assembling with my trusty .267 bushing I screwed the die into my press at a depth that was just a hair short of touching my shellholder and grabbed some clean cases. Turns out I was spot on with my initial die adjustment as I was seeing .001" shoulder bump and within 40 cases the interior of the die, which had exhibited the normal new die roughness, began to feel a lot smoother.

To say I am delighted with this new full length sizer is a bit of an understatement, as I have been hoping to eliminate the duplicate sizing process that I had been using and this die works perfectly. Robert also offers a competition seater as well as this new full length sizer in a two die set. Since I was already using the seater from my 6BR set I only opted for the sizer.

In closing I would say that if you are currently running a BRX based on the above reamer specs and want a good quality FL bushing die, give Robert a call and place your order. Sure does cut down on the bench time!


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