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Az State Rifle and Pistol Association CMP LEG Match results 11-25-2012

"The ultimate achievement for a service rifle or pistol shooter is to earn the Distinguished designation. The Distinguished Rifleman, Distinguished Marksman, and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges are awarded to members of the Armed Forces, or civilians, in recognition of "a preeminent degree of achievement in target practice with the service rifle or pistol." 

The above words are from shooting historian and literary giant Hap Rocketto and I could think of no better way to start my report than by including his words. To view more of Hap's well written and insightful article on the evolution of the Distinguished shooter program please click HERE Folks this is a must read for all who have undertaken the road to Distinguishing themselves with a service arm. 

Sundays leg match, like all such pressure filled events, is a true test of a rifleman's ability with the service rifle. With no sighting shots allowed, every shooter must face the pressure of knowing that each and every shot, regardless of the outcome, will count for score. Fifteen brave individuals, thirteen non-distinguished, took the line to vie for the one and only leg to be awarded that day. Like Saturday, the morning had dawned cool and clear with the same fickle wind from the north to taunt the shooters who took the line for the standing match. Like a mischievous temptress the wind gave out snippets of calm only to pounce on the unwary with an ill timed gust. To the chagrin of all, many shots ultimately found there mark in the white rings surrounding the black. No one left the 200 yard line unscathed but two young shooters, Ryan Hayes and Vincent Norling, managed the challenge the best as they were tied atop the leader board going to the 300. 

The ten shot 300 yard rapid fire event will either propel or bury, the hopes of those who aspire to greatness in a leg match. The possibilities for failure are countless and as relay after relay was fired many faces that had been filled with anticipation were reduced to sadness as the results of their efforts were revealed. One thing was certain, as the competitors walked to the last yard line of the day, young Mr. Norling was the man to beat as he stood head and shoulders above the rest. As it turned out Norling's closest competition, Ryan Hayes, was dealt a cruel blow as his first shot for record at 600 was scored as a miss. It's a crushing blow that nearly all have felt in this time worn quest. The true test of a mans courage in the shooting game is how he handles these moments of adversity. To his credit, though visibly shaken, young Mr. Hayes soldiered on and pursued the best score he could under the circumstances. 

At the end of the day the bakers dozen of competitors, that ran the gamut from the very young to middle aged, gathered at the stat trailer to learn their fates. As the drum roll begins let me say that in my mind all these men were winners in my book. They had put their hands in the game and come hell or high water they would and did, try their very best. Without further delay I am proud to announce to you that Vincent Norling was our Leg Match Winner and the proud owner of a brand new 6 point leg! Congratulations young man, your shooting future is bright indeed .Big thanks to Mid Tompkins for his stat support, Richard and Joe for running the pits (and pulling targets) and to all the parents who came out to cheer their young men on
I have created a photo album of the day that can be viewed by clicking


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