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6TH Annual Arizona State Mid Range Championships April 20-21 2013

Another chapter in the storied history of the Ben Avery Shooting Facility was written this past weekend as fifty participants tested their mettle in the hot and windy conditions here in the desert southwest. Up and down the line we had many stories of success, some were pure acts of shooting brilliance, but remember everyone who lays it all on the line in head to head competition is a winner in my book!

Day two of the Championship started just like the first day as the teams took the line in rather tranquil conditions for the any sight Team match. The ASRPA Gold squad got it going early on and never let up as they cruised to a victory over team Know Name and third overall team 4 1/2 Men. I would like to point out that 4 1/2 Men won the metallic sight team match on Saturday under the watchful and competent eye of coach Doug Frerichs. The Wickenburg High School Rifle Team entered two teams, one F-Open and one F-TR squad and set not one but two National Records as juniors in the respective divisions at 600 yards. Congratulations Kids and thanks to Rex Powers and Mike Dalton for all the work that they have done over the years for these young men and women!
Following the team match individual scorecards and squadding assignments were completed in short order and the competition for the various solo titles were begun in earnest. In F-Open Ulo Nigol successfully negotiated the ever increasing wind speeds by winning the 600 yard line by five X's over Allan Rosenthal with a fine 147-7X performance.  Rocky Felix, fresh off of his day one winning F-TR performance, kept the peddle to the metal and romped the bipod boys with a solid 145-3X score giving him a two point lead in the grand agg over Scott Harris. In the sling crowd Frank Lucero uncorked a great 147-2X score to lead a talented field in the Expert Class and Tanner Fadeley led the Masters shooting a very good 149-7X with his trusty service rifle no less. Good shooting T!. High Master Randy Teissedre led all shooters with a superb match winning score of 149-11X's in some very testy wind. As the competition moved down to the 500 yard line the leaders, Shaw by two in Open, Felix by two in F-TR, Fadeley in Service Rifle by a whopping 11 points and Curtis in Any Rifle by two appeared to be well on there way to victories in their respective divisions. Well we all know how appearances can be deceiving as yours truly and Rocky Felix were about to find out.
At 500 Felix appeared to be completely flummoxed by the wind as his disappointing and agg killing 140-3X effort clearly revealed. Curtis went for record and promptly carded a miss for his first shot as a cross-fired pimple 10 leered back at him from an adjacent target to his right; eviscerating any hopes of a fifth victory in the six years of this annual competition. Bill Berta rose to the occasion and blistered the belly benchresters with a sizzling 147-5X to move within two points of Shaw for the overall! Pete Church and Gary Eliseo lit up the yard line with identicle 150-9X efforts with Pete getting the nod by virtue of creedmooring the tubegun chassis manufacturing genius. Nice work fellas! In the SR division Jaden Swartwood  beat all the Masters with a very solid 148-7X's and Robert Pirisky led all the Experts with a great 145-5X effort. Heading down to the 300 yard line for the last match of the day Harris led the F-TR shooters by 3 points, Shaw as mentioned above led by two in Open, Fadeley led by 10 in SR and Church led the Any's by just three points.
I have no other way of describing it so let me say that something magical happened while we shot the 300 yard line. In fairly significant wind, that exhibited both angle and speed changes Rosenthal started the magic show by reeling off an absolutely brilliant 150-13X effort to lead the Open crew. Then Tompkins took the line and ran the table, 15 straight X's, and just for good measure added two more to set a new Open record of 150-17X's. I was scoring the shooter to Nancy's left and got to watch her true shooting skills shine as X after X came up within a fraction of an inch of each other; truly masterful Nancy, congratulations. Finally on the last relay of the day Church kept the magic going as his 150-12X effort captured a new Grand Senior record for him. What a great moment for all three of these fine people indeed. For the daily agg results Berta just kept plugging away in Open and captured the division high score of 441-16X but alas it was just not quite enough to reel in the overall title. Steve Shaws two day aggregate score of 884-44X's grabbed the F-Open division win by just three points over Rosenthal and four over Berta. What a great match these men had indeed.
With the Felix meltdown at 500 the battle for the F-TR crown fell to Harris and Matt Schwartzkopf and believe me they battled hard all day with Matt squeaking by to take the days agg but "steady eddie" Harris beat him out for the division overall by just two points. Congratulations Scott on your very first State Championship victory, you earned it my friend. In the class battles Frank Lucero claimed victory over his fellow Experts and Peter Wolf beat the Masters by two points. The SR division was a Fadeley "W" all the way as he won both days, despite a miss on day one, to claim the SR Champions trophy and Peter "Quiet Man" Church stayed the course to grab the Any and overall victory! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for coming out to our match.
Full individual results can be viewed HERE Metallic Sight Team results HERE Any Sight Team results are HERE and a little pictorial of the day can be seen by clicking HERE
See you on the line

Rick Curtis
NRA High Power Rifle Director
Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association

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