Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Cat is out of the bag.

The 53rd Annual Western Wildcat 6400 begins today with Two Person Team Matches. Teams will compete in two Dewar course Team matches, one metallic and one anysight. Nancy Tompkins, my teammate at last years Metric National Championship, will once again team up with me for this event. The Team events are historically a low key affair as open practice is run concurrently with the team matches. However it's been my experience over the last five Wildcats that the competition is still very intense between the entered teams. I hope to get a number of pictures today to share later, right here on the southwest's newest blog.

On a different note I want to thank Jim Evenson who not only convinced me to start blogging but who continues to offer his support and guidance, thank you Jim. His informative shooting blog can be viewed here;


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