Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Western Wildcat Team Match 3-16-2011

The Western Wildcat Team Match was fired today in some pretty fine weather. We were almost hitting 90 degrees by the end of the match this afternoon, and the competition was just as hot. Former Wildcat winners Reya and Tarl Kempley teamed up for this event and let there presence be known by winning the first match of the day, The Metallic Sight Dewar Match. There 800-61X just edged out the runnerup team of Nancy Tompkins and Rick Curtis's 799-65X. Third Place team, Virginia McLemore and Mick Walker, was just two points back.

In the Anysight Dewar, Nancy and myself eeked out a victory by a mere 4X's as our 798-65X put the Kempleys 798-61X in second place. Virginia and Mick were right there as well, firing a 798-58X to capture back to back third place finishes. Tomorrow the individual matches begin and the buzz on the range was all about the high winds forecasted! Hold onto your hats because this Cat may have teeth.


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wsmd said...

Nice report and photos, Rick. Thanks for posting them!