Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Berger Southwest Nationals Awards Dinner

From the thousands of bullets given away to the constant flow of Gatorade, Propel, water and snacks available on the line each day, not to mention the low entry fees, the Southwest Nationals is one of the best matches I have ever attended. At the awards dinner the sponsor's and host have a unique way of handing out the fantastic array of donated goodies to the competitors. Unlike every other match I have been too, the driving forces, Eric Stecker, Michelle Gallagher and Middleton Tompkins rank the awards from the bottom up. Tallying the results from Thursday, Friday and Saturday the lowest scoring competitor is the first to pick from a vey generous prize table. This gives the newer shooters a chance to pick up on some great new equipment upgrades. Click here for some photos of the evening.

Another committment kept me from attending yesterday's match so briefly the match report for Saturday April 2nd is that local hotshot Phil Hayes continued his mastery of the conditions and took the second daily agg. This puts Phil in the drivers seat for todays final go for this years competition. I will be on hand to get all the scores.

I would like to point out that Berger's GM Eric Stecker, an active competitor in benchrest and F Class, bought a spacegun and all the gear to compete in this years match. Wednesday he sat down with Mid and Michelle and got some pointers on positions, Thursday he took the line for the first time at 600 yards and then Friday he shot his first ever across the course match. I caught up with Eric just before his first string at 200 yard rapid fire. Click here to see him in action.


lige said...

Congrats to Eric for his efforts in XC. I hope that if I ever shoot rapid sitting I have you around to coach me.

RCURTIS said...

When I told him he needed to get the right elbow down he looked me right in the eye and very seriously said "That's not going to happen"